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Test out easier syncing and new customizations in the latest Firefox beta

Sarah Silbert

If you've been frustrated with Firefox Sync, this is for you: a new beta release of Mozilla's browser looks to simplify the process of saving settings across multiple devices. Expect an easier-to-navigate setup menu, with fewer steps to create an account. Improving your experience across difference devices is probably the most important feature in Mozilla's latest beta, but a new customization mode is helpful, too. Accessible from the new Menu panel, this mode lets you drag and drop your preferred features, add-ons and tools anywhere in the browser. From the menu, you can also access tools such as copy/paste, print, save and more -- and you'll be able to add Firefox add-ons to the menu area as soon as you download them. Test out the beta for Android, Linux, Mac and Windows via the download link below.

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