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Meet BitBrawlers, a user-crafted multiplayer combat arena


Though it borrows a superficial structure from Super Smash Bros., upcoming indie multiplayer game BitBrawlers sets itself apart by giving players the ability to customize their combat.

According to developer Tiny Build Games, BitBrawlers offers players the chance to customize abilities, weapons and even the environment they're fighting in. That trailer above demonstrates a few of these user-generated elements, though the process through which players build new elements for the game remains a mystery. That said, Tiny Build claims it built the above trailer in "an hour on the GDC showfloor," which suggests that the tools are easy to use once you've got a grasp on things.

Tiny Build has yet to offer a solid release date for BitBrawlers, but plans to release the game to Steam at some point in 2014.
[Image: Tiny Build Games]

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