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Seen@GDC: A board game on an iPad, complete with dice


Armello spent eight months as a paper prototype, and the team at Australian studio League of Geeks did its best to throw the appeal of a board game onto the screen – including the dice. Armello is a turn-based, strategy RPG complete with skill cards and four playable clans: rabbit, rat, bear and wolf. It's in development for PC and mobile.

Armello has a rich fantasy backstory and matching 3D art: The king, a lion, has a disease called "rot" and he's going mad, locked inside of his castle and protected by minions, high walls and his own skills. The game supports solo and multiplayer modes, online and local (with multiple devices), and it has a day-night cycle that transforms the battlefield from deep greens to dark purples throughout players' turns.

See an example of Armello's hex-based system in another gif below.

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