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Seen@GDC: Unreal Engine 4 showcases power with Tappy Chicken


Epic Games has harnessed the power of its Unreal Engine 4 with videos like Infiltrator and Elemental, but today the company took it to a whole other level with Tappy Chicken. Featuring graphics that won't be experienced until the next-next gen, the game is remarkably similar to the so-cool-it's-gone sensation Flappy Bird.

"I confirm that the Tappy Chicken game is included with the download of Unreal Engine 4," said a representative for Epic Games.

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney mentioned during the company's reveal of the engine's new subscription model option that the company is "not shipping an Unreal Tournament game" and is "not developing anything in the Unreal Tournament universe at all at the moment." He did reiterate that Epic is working on Fortnite and other unannounced game projects.

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