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This box hides a new Device 6 mystery


Though the appearance of Device 6 at this year's Game Developers Conference is to be expected, the physical appearance of its stand in the independent games pavilion is ... well, that depends on how susceptible you are to mind control.

The kiosk appears to be a spying, literal extension of the story in Device 6, which sees you – the subject of sorts – solving abstract puzzles in a surreal environment. The narrated mystery would often extend beyond the borders of your iPad, calling into question where the game really ended. A scattering of immovable "replica" iPhones on the stand asks: "Why wasn't the game on display? If there wasn't a game to play, then what was the purpose?"

You may just find the (creepy) answer if you work your way through our gallery. And please close the box after you've completed the test.
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