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ArcheAge Russia punishes 57,955 destructive players; ArcheAge West opens forums, streams


If you're lucky enough to be playing the Russian version of ArcheAge, then you're probably pretty annoyed at the MMO's recent server downtime. It might make you feel better to know the outage was the result of's investigation into mass exploits plaguing the game since its soft launch last month. Not only has the company fixed those exploits and apparently banned approximately 2,000 users, but it also punished 57,955 players for various destructive behaviors, including spamming chat and botting. exhorts players to continue reporting exploits to customer service rather than post them publicly.

Meanwhile, Trion Worlds kicked off its hype machine for the Western version of the game with brand-new forums and a livestream introducing the gameplay to the west. We've embedded the video behind the cut.

[With thanks to Oskar and Balsbigbrother!]

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