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Bulletstorm disappears from Steam


2011 shooter Bulletstorm is no longer available on Steam, having disappeared from the marketplace earlier in the week. No reason has been given for the game's removal and we've reached out to publisher EA and co-developer Epic Games for comment, but suspicions are it's linked to Games for Windows Live. It's believed (but not yet confirmed) GFWL will be discontinued on July 1, and without an update that could make Bulletstorm one of a number of unplayable PC games. The game remains available on Origin at the time of writing, but that version also uses GFWL.

Co-developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly, now Epic Games Poland, Bulletstorm is a first-person shooter romp in which players perform Skillshot murders with style, finesse, and variety to rack up high scores. It may sound artful and it's definitely a blast to play, but high culture it ain't. To remind you of some of the Skillshot names: Rear Entry, Nutcracker, Assplosion, and Meat Fountain. And those are just the Skillshots...

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