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How to create nested folders in iOS 7.1


I reported last week that nested folders, as we knew them, were dead thanks to iOS 7.1, but today it seems a workaround actually does exist. The new method allows you to once again place a folder within a folder, thereby creating an convenient filing system for your various app categories.

Here's how it works:

nested folders

First you need two apps (preferably two that you want to put into a folder anyway), and a folder that you want to put into another folder.

nested folders

Now begin to create a folder by placing one app over the top of the other. Once the folder appears -- and before the screen zooms into the folder itself -- grab and highlight the first folder.

nested folders

After the screen zooms into the new folder you'll still be holding the original folder with your finger. Release it.

nested folders

Ta-da! A nested folder!

This method is actually a bit quicker than the old one, though it requires a bit more planning. If you're still a bit shaky on how it works, check out this video from YouTube user Videosdebarraquito that shows it off perfectly.

It appears we nested folder lovers have survived yet another iOS update, so keep your fingers crossed that the ability to put folders within folders becomes an official feature before these exploits are crushed completely.

[via Videosdebarraquito, h/t rebeccacesarz]

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