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Infamous: Second Son ships with major day-one patch


Sucker Punch's PlayStation 4-exclusive action game Infamous: Second Son will serve up a day-one patch when players pop the disc in for the first time, bolstering the game's simulated Seattle with a number of added features and balance tweaks.

Second Son's post-release patch introduces support for the Cole's Legacy pre-order content pack and the ARG-like Paper Trail missions, which add an estimated five hours of campaign playtime over six weeks of planned content updates. Paper Trail challenges players to seek out clues released online to continue a 19-mission side-story within Second Son that supplements the core campaign.

Version 1.01 of Second Son also tweaks in-game difficulty, making Normal mode slightly more challenging while fine-tuning boss fights and pedestrian behavior. After applying the patch, players who complete Second Son's campaign will also have new post-game content available in the form of expanded Karma progression and continued enemy presence.

The patch was available for Joystiq's review of Second Son, ensuring that the version we played offers the same experience players will see at launch.

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