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Ouya dropping free-to-try requirement for developers in April

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Currently, any game on the Android-powered Ouya microconsole must be free in some way, shape or form, be it a free demo or free to play business model. That situation is set to change next month, when the Little Console That Could drops its free-to-try requirement.

Polygon reports that Ouya head of developer relations Kellee Santiago announced the shift at this year's Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco. "In response to developer feedback, in order to give more flexibility to game-makers to decide what content they want to make on Ouya, starting April we're making the free-to-try component optional," Santiago said.

The Ouya team also announced that games "exclusive" to the Ouya can launch concurrently on PC as well, thanks to changes made in developer agreement deals. This follows the company's recent branching out, which will allow Ouya content on devices that are not an Ouya console.
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