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Overheard@GDC: Don't clone FTL, know, make it better


FTL: Faster Than Light creators Justin Ma and Matthew Davis are a couple of mellow developers. Like, super chill. The pair are prepping to put a big red bow on FTL with the Advanced Edition and go on whatever journey comes next. Davis is contemplating doing a board game and Ma is looking to live in Japan and take it in.

Although the pair wouldn't share sales numbers for FTL, Davis did say it was "enough for us to consider ourselves extremely lucky." The two devs have been waiting in the most positive way for games similar to their strategy sim to start creeping out at a regular pace.

"I keep waiting for a knock-off! I want to play it," said Davis, looking at Ma.

"Watch, by next week there's going to be like three clones," chimed in Ma.

Davis exclaimed, "But it has to have multiplayer!"

So, you know, if you're a developer making a game similar to FTL you've got at least two sales.

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