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WoW Moviewatch: Elven Death - Twilight Dreams


This is the third episode in the Elven Death series, which calls itself a saga. I'm pretty supportive of the ongoing attempt to create more narrative machinima, especially based on a series of adventures. The animation is a little rough, but that's easily forgiven since it was nearly all filmed from in-game footage. You have to start somewhere, after all, and there's always room for one more story in our expansive fandom.

That being said, join me over here at camera 2. That opening font? The one that's not quite comic sans, but is a near cousin in the sans serif family? It's time to let that font go. It doesn't really set up an epic sage of Azeroth adventure as much as funny cat videos. I see where you're coming from with it, but try something in a nice, stately serif font.
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