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Breakfast Topic: How seriously do you play your alts?

Anne Stickney

I have a few alts in my stable of characters -- at the moment, I have five level 90 characters. But the only one I ever really take seriously is my rogue. It's the one I tend to pour my time into, the one I do any and all serious raiding on, the one who has a transmog collection you wouldn't believe. That said, I do like playing the other alts every now and again -- but none of them are really characters that I take seriously in terms of getting gear or doing anything in the way of high-end current content.

The only minor exception to this is my shaman, who I've decided to get a legendary cloak for. There's no real reason for the shaman to have a legendary cloak. I'm not going to leap into raiding with that character, nor am I making it a new main. I just like the legendary quest chain, and I was actually kind of curious how long it would take to complete that questline just by solely doing LFR and nothing else. So far, the longest stretch has been getting the 3000 valor needed for one stretch of the chain -- something that took a little over three weeks simply due to valor caps.

Regardless, I don't really need the cloak, nor do I intend to do anything serious with any of my alts. I love my main, and I don't think I could ever just swap mains at the drop of a hat. But I'm curious, because so many people out there seem to have a whole host of alts -- how seriously do you play your alts? Do you raid with them, or do some serious PvP? Are they just there for the professions, or are they actually something you're actively working on gearing? Do you play them as much as you play your main?

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