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Sunday Morning Funnies: I found it

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: A kitty is trapped and only Narya can, uh, save Whiskers? Cadi is drowning the world's sorrows. A dwarf bursts into song, though maybe not the song you'd expect. A brother is slain. A moat makes someone very happy.

Last week, Gratz uncharacteristically only posted two comics, when typically there are three. Obviously, this could not stand. To make up for it, we have four this week, plus a new drawing in the Extras section. (It is worth noting that few comics on our list typically post more than once or twice a week, so three most weeks is excellent, and four is a nice treat!)

Surviving Azeroth was missing last week, but is back this week with a new comic. Next week, Chapter One is scheduled to conclude, at which point, the comic will go on hiatus. We will all have to wait for Chapter Two, it seems!

Rug popped into the comments section last week to hint at a "certain calendar idea." Why do I feel like the theme might be something along the lines of "sexy ripped male dwarves with beards that waft wonderfully in the various breezes of 2014"?

Here are this week's WoW-related comics:

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