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Hotline Miami is bringing the heat to PS4 with Cross-Buy support


Publisher Devolver Digital revealed it's releasing the first Hotline Miami on PS4, and the good news is fans who bought the original game on PS3 and Vita won't have to pay to get the new version. Speaking to Destructoid at GDC, Devolver's Nigel Lowrie confirmed the 2D top-down murder-fest is retaining its Cross-Buy support on PS4.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is also in line for PS4, as well as Vita, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. Wrong Number switches out the first game's 80s vibe for a darker 90s aesthetic, and while the sequel retains that ultra-violent core, Lowrie said Devolver plans to showcase more of what's new about it at next month's PAX East conference in Boston.

"So far all [we've shown developer Dennaton] is doing is really more or less similar to Hotline Miami 1, what we've shown." Lowrie told Destructoid. "What we're gonna show at PAX East and in a trailer before PAX East is the new hotness, and really things are going to change up the game quite a bit."
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