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PBS Game/Show offers a defense of cheating, even in multiplayer


No stranger to courting controversy, the latest episode of PBS' thought-provoking YouTube series Game/Show posits the idea that maybe cheating in video games isn't such a bad thing after all.

First, the video draws a distinction between those who repeatedly flout the rules to ruin a game for others, and those who exploit a game simply to enhance their own enjoyment. The former group is commonly known as "griefers," and the video makes no attempt to defend what they do. However, it argues that the remainder are people attempting to create "optimal strategies" for the game, which then contributes to the overall evolution of said game.

As an example, the video highlights the practice of quick-scoping in first-person multiplayer shooters. While this exploit allows practiced snipers to use their high-powered rifles with the same speed and accuracy as a pistol, the video points out that quick-scoping has become so prevalent that it is now regarded as just part of the game. Though once decried by fans, the technique has become ingrained and altered the way the game is played on a fundamental level, much like the slam dunk in professional basketball.

Watch the video, see what you think, then leave your thoughts in the comments below. Alternately, skip the video, leave a comment anyway, then smugly pat yourself on the back for cheating on this video about cheating.
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