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Breakfast Topic: What's the one thing you won't do in WoW?


We often times talk about what we will do in WoW, but there's another side to the join: what we won't do.

For instance, I won't do serious PvP. I tried it once for a bit and I just didn't like it. People's attitudes were too crass, there wasn't a sense of having fun, and things just felt wrong. These feelings weren't on my own team, mind you, they were from other people. Of course this might have just soured the overall experience for me, and I should give serious PvP another try -- but in general it's just something that I don't want to do, and because WoW is a game, I won't do.

I know others that will not level alts, at all. They think because they've played through the content once they don't need to play through it again. That makes sense to me from their perspective, but with every alt I level I learn new things, so it's never a situation where leveling an alt is useless for me.

To each their own -- but where do you stand? What's the thing in WoW that you won't do?

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