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Around Azeroth: Call the exterminator


"This is one way to break in a boosted level 90 tank in Timeless gear," writes submitter Gimmlette. "Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A) recently held a 'meta night' where we ran a variety of Mists of Pandaria five-mans to work on the achievements toward Glory of the Pandaria Hero. One of this group's random dungeons was Stormstout Brewery. After a quick How Did He Get Up There, we went on to Hopocalypse Now.

Our tank, Holygoat, had been boosted earlier in the day and he wasn't too confident of his mob-holding abilities. 'Trust us,' we said. 'We know what we're doing. You just stand there and intercept the virmen 'til we tell you to let go.' He audibly gulped in voice chat. Duellona feigned death to make sure no virmen came by her. Do we have enough for the achievement? The healer, Corien, was counting but decided next to Goat wasn't a great place to stand and beat a hasty retreat. That's a lot of virmen. For the record, we got the achievement and Holygoat lived through the experience. However, he doesn't really like Stormstout after this."

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