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Breakfast Topic: Would people pay for character faction copy?

Matthew Rossi

I was musing on Twitter (like you do) about the potential of a service that allowed you to copy a character, rather than move him or her, to another faction. I kind of thought at the time it was a ridiculous idea, mostly just wish fulfillment because I have a lot of friends on both factions and I really miss being able to do stuff with them. The response indicates that some people would jump for it, at nearly any price (I named ninety bucks and people didn't bat an eye) because, as several people pointed out, the chance to have an actual geared 90 is a lot more enticing than boosting a character that you don't know how to play.

So I put this question to you, readers - would you, if you could, make a copy of one of your characters on the other faction to play with friends of said faction?

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