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Strike Suit Zero: The Director's Cut begins next-gen launch on April 8


Interstellar combat game Strike Suit Zero: The Director's Cut launches worldwide on Xbox One on April 8, and on PS4 in the US the same day – the UK PS4 launch is on April 9. The UK price is £16 on Xbox One and £15.40 on PS4.

Last we heard, Strike Suit Zero: The Director's Cut was scheduled to launch at the end of March, but what's a week among lightyears, really? (Yes, we know that lightyears are a measure of distance, not time, but just roll with it.) The latest video features developers from Born Ready Games discussing next-gen launch plans and upgrades to the game.

Strike Suit Zero hit PC in 2013, and The Director's Cut includes all DLC, plus upgraded graphics and a rebalanced campaign.
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The launch of Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut is right around the corner, with the game set to officially launch on 8 April on Xbox One for £15.99 and 9 April on PlayStation 4 for £15.39. To accompany this announcement the Born Ready Games team have been getting in front of the camera for a development diary reflecting on the process of bringing Strike Suit Zero to console.

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