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WildStar bonus weekend begins Friday morning


Carbine has just announced an extra special bonus beta weekend for its upcoming sci-fantasy themepark, WildStar. Says the forum post,
Starting tomorrow, Friday 3/28 at 7:00am PDT, the servers will be live and the party ain't stopping until Sunday night! Also, the level 17 cap is gone and is now being replaced with a level 20 cap. My quick math skills tell me that's an extra 3 levels! This bonus weekend is a way to get more testing time for us, awesome, as well as more game time for all of you, double awesome! This is our way of gathering the feedback we cherish and saying thank you to all of our loyal testers. Which is why we would love it if you logged in this weekend, enjoyed the extra 3 levels and the bonus game time because it will greatly help us be that much more prepared come launch day June 3rd.
That's 10 a.m. EDT tomorrow for those of you on the East Coast. Have fun, and don't forget that logging in gets you mystery boxes with special loot!

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