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Trion: We control prices in ArcheAge's cash shop


Earlier this afternoon, ArcheAge Community Manager Scapes hopped on the forums to kick off a local question-and-answer session with ArcheAge fans and answered a number of queries, chief among them a question about how much control Trion will have over the prices in ArcheAge's western cash shop. "Lots, actually," Scapes told the forum-goers. "We decide what's in it and at what price, simple as that."

He also dashed the hopes of those pining for special server rulesets like PvP and RP, promised server farms for both NA and Europe, and suggested that cosmetics might be a part of the game's westernization.

The Q&A is still ongoing on the official forums. Those who participate have a chance at winning an alpha invite.

[Update: The Q&A is over now, but you can read the complete transcript on ArcheAge Source.]

[Thanks to tipsters Inporylem and Dengar!]

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