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Race The Sun dev's Hexarden uses geometry to build a beautiful garden

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Race The Sun developer Flippfly has announced their next game, Hexarden, a "thoughtful, meditative puzzle game" where players place hexagonal tiles to connect water and seedlings, thus bringing their artistic garden to life. The game has no announced platforms yet, but wherever it plants its roots, it should do so this year, according to a press release.

Hexarden was originally conceived as an entry for the Ludum Dare game jam, but the final release will be a bit different than that version, including a new graphical style and "new twists" to gameplay. There's not much more to go on right now, but the press release suggests that only the best hexardeners will be able to make the most effective paths and therefore, the most beautiful hexarden. In other words: as you iso-sow-les, so shall you reap.
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Announcing Hexarden – The Next Big Thing In Gardening Games:

From the people who brought you Race the Sun

"An unplanted Hexarden is like a blank canvas, waiting to be made beautiful. While each one is unique and wondrous in its own way, only the master Hexardener sees the way to the most efficient and prosperous arrangement, teeming with life and unlocking the Hexarden's true potential."
- A'Yon Xan Xippo, Grandmaster Hexardener

Hexarden is a thoughtful, meditative puzzle game set in a hexagonal world. Create connections between water and seedlings to bring life and harmony to their garden.

Hexarden will be the second game released by Flippfly and shares a minimalist aesthetic with their first game, the fast paced survival racer Race the Sun. Hexarden was inspired by Flippfly's Ludum Dare creation of the same name and expands on the basic mechanics of that game with some new twists and a new graphical style. Hexarden is slated for release in 2014, platforms TBD.

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About Flippfly:

Flippfly is an indie game company consisting of two brothers, Aaron and Forest, who quit their jobs in April '12 to create indie games full-time. Their releases to date include a music iPad app for kids called Monkey Drum and Race the Sun, currently available on Steam and coming this summer to PS3, PS4 and Vita.

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