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WoW Moviewatch: Back to Wrath 2


After being disconnected from the server, Slightly Impressive's intrepid time traveler returns to the icy lands of Northrend. In Back to Wrath 2, though, he visits the one of the most nostalgic place in Azeroth: Dalaran. Filled with clever pokes at afk players and gear score, Griff gets in a few pokes at people abandoning group queues.

I certainly don't miss the instant requeues. But now the plot's stepped up a notch: the time traveler snags a past-person and drags them into the present tense. What's the first thing they see? Of course, a panda. I was glad to see a little more meat added to this series; it's a pretty good one, and I like where it's going. Though, they seem to have skipped Cataclysm. Not sure anyone cares.
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