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BlackBerry updates BBM with stickers and group photo sharing

Emily Price

Admit it: Sometimes what you need to say is best expressed through the image of a WWE character. Now you can send that wrestler, or a picture of Shaun the Sheep (if you're feeling a little less hostile) to friends via BBM. Following rumors we heard a few weeks ago, today BlackBerry launched stickers for the messaging app, similar to what all some other messaging apps have been doing for a while now. The company is opening a new BBM Shop where you can pick up a variety of sticker packs (with 20-25 icons each) now for $1.99 or less a pop, with more expected to come on a regular basis. If the addition of stickers isn't quite enough for you, today's update also brings the ability to share photos with friends in multi-person chats, so you can make sure the whole crew gets that #groupie at the same time.

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