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Joystiq Streams: Losing our minds in Ether One with White Paper Games [Relive the stream!]

"There are no dangerous thoughts," said Hannah Arendt, the philosopher who died writing The Life of the Mind, "Thinking itself is dangerous." Her words ring loudly while playing Ether One. The protagonist of White Paper Games' surreal adventure, called The Restorer, literally has to go into broken minds and try to put them back together. The concept alone is unsettling. Naturally, Joystiq Streams wants in on that juicy, psychologically harrowing action! That's why we're digging into the game's guts alongside its designer, Pete Bottomley.

At 4PM EST on the Joystiq Twtich channel, Joystiq's Sam Prell will be playing through Ether One with Bottomley in tow to discuss the game and the inspiration behind its spooky brain spelunking. Anthony John Agnello will be on hand to feed your questions directly to the man.

Joystiq Streams broadcasts every Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM EST.
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