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Titanfall State of Service: Week Three


This is State of Service, an ongoing review of the online service of a recently launched game. See our scored review of Titanfall here.

Tuesday, April 1 | T-minus 9 days until final verdict
Current State of Service: Good
Summary: PC version experiencing limited issues. Matchmaking update in the works. Anti-cheating system enabled on PC.

Apart from a brief server outage last Tuesday, and an issue with Australian servers in particular, Titanfall appears to be humming along on both PC and Xbox One. Servers for both versions went down during the afternoon on March 25, apparently as the result of broader problems with Xbox Live. Servers were back online that evening. Meanwhile, Australian players encountered an issue in which servers would return a ping of -1, making them unusable. The problem was "sporadic," and it was corrected as of March 31, according to official Titanfall Twitter account.

Joystiq staff members have been playing both versions with no significant problems to report.

In other service news, Respawn is working on an update to Titanfall's matchmaking to keep weaker teams from being consistently dominated by stronger teams. Furthermore, the PC version has been updated to combat cheating. Cheaters detected by the game are subsequently only allowed to play with other cheaters, where they will enjoy what Respawn calls "the Wimbledon of aimbot contests."

If you encounter any problems with Titanfall, let us know in the comments or on Joystiq's Twitter or Facebook accounts (use the hashtag #sos and don't forget to specify your platform!).

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