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PSA: Killzone: Shadow Fall 'Insurgent' DLC now available

Attention all PlayStation 4 owners still tearing up planet Vekta with your pals: Killzone: Shadow Fall's first big multiplayer expansion is now available. "The Insurgent Pack," released Tuesday in the weekly PlayStation Store update, includes new game modes, weapons, and an entirely new multiplayer class to try out in the game.

Shadow Fall's new class type is the Insurgent. While the glowing eyes certainly make the Insurgent familiar amidst Killzone's glowing-eyed horde, he does bring two new abilities to the table, including the ability to steal weapons from downed enemies and a hacking ability for turning enemy turrets friendly. Assault, Scout, and Support classes have also received new abilities in the update.

The two new modes in "The Insurgent Pack" include the Multiplayer Collectibles Mode, which populates multiplayer maps with hidden crates to hunt down. Find the crates, rack up points to unlock rewards. The Campaign Elite mode is the sole significant single-player update in the package, a new difficulty mode that tasks you with finishing the game with only three lives. The new modes and everything else in the pack cost $9.99.
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