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Soul Sacrifice Delta triangulating West, AUS rating suggests


A couple of new clues point towards a Western localization of Soul Sacrifice Delta, and first and foremost of those is a rating from the Australian Classification Board. That's a strong sign the follow-up to last year's Vita game is preparing to journey out of Japan, so a now-deleted listing from Spanish online retailer Xtralife only adds fuel to the fire.

Keiji Inafune's Comcept released the beastie-butchering of Soul Sacrifice worldwide last year, but the studio only announced the sequel for Japan - the game hit retail shelves there in March. When Inafune unveiled Delta last year, he described it as more than a "mere update" to the original game: "This is a brand new version with brand new elements and brand new items which gives the unique flavor of Soul Sacrifice."

The name Delta refers to the introduction of a third faction in the follow-up, Grimm, as well as a third "Luck" choice that gives you a roulette-like alternative to saving or sacrificing the beasts you defeat. There are also plenty of new monsters to take down, including ones inspired by Brothers Grimm' takes on fairy-tales like Red Riding Hood and Snow White.
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