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Greenpeace praises Apple for helping to foster a 'green Internet': News from April 3, 2014


For a number of years, it seemed that Greenpeace was all too eager to take shots at Apple. These days, the environmental organization can't help but heap praise upon Apple for its increased attention to renewable energy and its otherwise increasing focus on becoming more environmentally friendly.

In a report issued earlier this week, Greenpeace labeled Apple "the most innovative and most aggressive" company in Silicon Valley when it comes to powering its data centers with renewable energy.

A number of leading brands, most notably Apple and Facebook, have made significant improvements in their energy transparency, discarding the previous dogma within the sector of withholding energy data due to competitiveness concerns.


Apple is the most improved company since our last full report, and has shown itself to be the most innovative and most aggressive in pursuing its commitment to be 100% renewably powered.

  • As noted earlier this morning, Apple has announced the dates for the World Wide Developer Conference, to be held June 2 - 6, 2014 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Unlike past years, when the ticket sales have been an open rush, the company is providing tickets via a lottery that developers can enter today through April 7. Tickets become available for sale on April 25 to those who "win" the lottery.
  • Reuters is reporting that Apple and other major US companies have formed a lobbying group to push back on changes to the patent system that some members of Congress have proposed. The companies, including DuPont, Ford Motor Co., General Electric, IBM Corp, Microsoft Corp, and Pfizer in addition to Apple, formed the Partnership for American Innovation to ask Congress to move carefully on legislation meant to deal with patent trolls. There's concern from the companies that steps taken to stop patent trolls could also hurt innovative companies.

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