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Kids webcomic Dreamland Chronicles gets trading card game for iPad


Indie developer Protobird Games launched its Kickstarter project for The Dreamland Chronicles, a trading card game for iPad, Kindle and Android tablets this week. The game is based on the long-running, kid-friendly fantasy webcomic of the same name, and has players collecting animated trading cards featuring characters from the series.

Protobird is seeking $35,000 by May 2 to fund the game, which features card battles in which players summon allies, cast spells and use items, similar to other popular trading card games. The game is in development for iPad first, and the project's $40,000 stretch goal unlocks the game on Android tablets. The developer plans to offer character customization features as well as multi-screen support, so players can watch their card battles play out on TVs.

The project is led by Protobird Games CEO Scott Hyman and President Parker Davis, each veteran developers with credits in games such as Tony Hawk's Motion on DS, Tomb Raider and Red Dead Redemption. Both are also parents, and cite a partnership with Privacy Vaults Online (PRIVO) along with a planned series of parental controls to harbor safe online play for younger players. The duo self-funded The Dreamland Chronicles' development since late 2012. According to the Kickstarter page's reward tiers, the developer plans to deliver the game to backers in June.
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