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KISS' Photo Bomb app will glam up your photos in the worst way possible


Hey you! Have you ever wanted to use a mobile app to relive the heady glam-rock days of the late 1970s? If so, the newly released KISS Photo Bomb app for iOS and Android is not the way to go. The name says it all, really: with the app you can digitally insert members of KISS into your photos, as well as lather your face in iconic makeup (see above) and stick Gene Simmons' crimson tongue just about anywhere you like. The end results are... just as absurd and facepalm-y as you'd imagine. Yes, this is a real thing. No, we don't know why. Wait, yes we do: it's a ridiculous, naked money grab, with additional sticker and frame packs priced at $1 a pop. Then again, we'd expect nothing less from the guys who thought sticking their faces on caskets was a rad idea.

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