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Apple's passes $70 million in contributions to (RED) and other stories from April 4, 2014


Apple has a long history of partnering with the AIDS research charity (RED). In 2006, Apple launched a line of product tie-ins branded for the campaign, including the famous U2 iPod. The money raised from these contributions adds up. How much exactly? According to (RED), Apple's participation has raised US$70 million dollars in total donations. This means the company has donated an extra $5 million since September of last year.

Apple has also contributed via charity auctions. Last year Apple design chief Jony Ive helped design a series of one-of-a-kind products for (RED) to auction off. The auction was a wild success, with a special Mac Pro selling for $977,000.

In other news...

  • Vine released a major update that will help even the playing field in its fight with Instagram. The biggest addition is the introduction of Vine messaging allowing you to send a private video message to one or more friends. If you're feeling like basic Vine green doesn't represent your needs you're in luck. Users can now customize their profile color. Hit the App Store for the update.
  • Sharing with Evernote has gotten easier with its latest update thanks to a redesigned sharing screen. Also, the business card photographing feature has been given a new auto capture feature to get better images.
  • Health tracking app Human has been updated to add M7 support for iPhone 5S users, along with a new daily timeline feature.

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