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Persona 4 bearing down on PS3, out next week as PS2 Classic


Confirmed: The Year of Luigi is over, and The Year of Persona 4 starts next week. Alright, Atlus hasn't announced a year dedicated to its revered RPG, but let's face it, an April 8 PS2 Classic re-release on PS3 for North and South America, priced at $10, is the start of a pretty busy period for the Investigation Team.

After all, it preludes the ever-nearing arrivals of P4: Dancing All Night, P4 Arena Ultimax, and Persona Q - which stars P4 characters. If you like Persona 4, then the next year or so should have plenty to keep you satiated ahead of the main course that is Persona 5.

To celebrate the news, here's six minutes of the Persona 4 Anime's take on the King's Game scene, except in this version the protagonist, Yu, is even more of a player...
[Image: Atlus]

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