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Roll your own adventure with the free Age of Wonders 3 level editor


Following the debut of the excellent turn-based strategy game Age of Wonders 3 on March 31, developer Triumph Studios has simultaneously announced and launched a map editor for those who prefer crafting their own worlds to relying on the game's random map generator.

"The map making community has been super important to Age of Wonders, they have helped keep the series alive for over 10 years since the release of the previous title," wrote Triumph development director Lennart Sas in this morning's announcement.

According to Triumph, the editor will allow players to craft new maps and scenarios using the deep well of content included with Age of Wonders 3. With a bit of extra effort, those more dedicated (or finicky) creators can customize the game even further by importing their own audio and art assets to customize story cutscenes, campaigns and individual heroes.

Best of all, the Age of Wonders 3 map editor is now available at no charge. Those who own Age of Wonders 3 will now find a new option in the game's launcher which will fire up the gratis editor.
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Gooood morning

We're revealing details of the AOW3 Level Editor
Gaze upon a video of it in action here
Download it here
The team also released some of their plans, check that out here.

Age of Wonders III Level Editor Details revealed

DELFT, the Netherlands, April 4th 2014 – Triumph Studios, the team behind the Overlord and Age of Wonders series, today reveals details on the powerful Age of Wonders III Level Editor, after a very successful worldwide launch earlier this the week.

The user-friendly Age of Wonder III Level Editor allows players to craft their own single and multi-player player scenarios using the game's massive content library. It also allows players to create their own heroes and campaigns with story cut-scenes, using their own art assets and voiceovers.

"The map making community has been super important to Age of Wonders, they have helped keep the series alive for over 10 years since the release of the previous title" says Lennart Sas, development director at Triumph Studios. The level editor has been made freely available to all players and is accessible from the game's launcher.

Age of Wonders 3® has been rated Teen(T) by ESRB, 16 by PEGI on PC. It is be published through digital distribution and brought to retail stores in selected territories. For more information and regular updates please visit

About Triumph Studios: Founded in 1997, Triumph Studios B.V. is an independent video game developer and publishing company based in Delft, The Netherlands. Triumph Studios focuses on combining the team's creativity with its proprietary multi-format Creator EngineTM to forge captivating and unique game experiences. As the original creators of the critically acclaimed Overlord® and Age of Wonders® series, Triumph Studios has a track record in creating games that are innovative, commercially successful, and which lead to demand for multiple sequels.

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