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Connected Realms update for April 4

Anne Stickney

The list of US realms slated for the Realm Connection service has now been updated with new information regarding upcoming dates for the service. However, the schedule looks a little different now. Realm merges that were scheduled for Thursday, April 10 are no longer scheduled for connection -- in fact, there are no scheduled realm connections at this point in time.

The realms listed below are on the list of future realm connections, but do not have a date set.
  • Drenden and Arathor
  • Nagrand and Caelestrasz
  • Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council

The realms below are still postponed until "a Future Time" -- while still under consideration, it appears there are still no current plans to connect them.

  • Alterac Mountains and Balnazzar/Gorgonnash/The Forgotten Coast/Warsong
  • Elune and Gilneas
  • Sisters of Elune and Cenarion Circle
Does this mean the Realm Connection waves are finally over? Likely not -- there hasn't been an official announcement indicating that the service will no longer be implemented. Now that the service has been rolled out, Blizzard can keep an eye on realm population and connect as necessary, rather than rolling out new connections every week.

Keep in mind that planned connections may change at any time, but Blizzard will keep us updated on changes -- realms may be added or removed from the list at any point in time, and dates may be scheduled as well. For the full list of realms that have been connected so far, check the official site.

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