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Halo co-creator gets $5 million investment for tablet shooter

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Accel Partners has invested $5 million into Alex Seropian's startup studio, Industrial Toys. Seropian previously co-founded Bungie, where he acted as President and CEO during the creation of Halo: Combat Evolved. His new game, Midnight Star, looks to be something of a spiritual successor to the Halo games; a sci-fi first-person shooter (with some familiar imagery, judging by screenshots) for tablets.

Accel has previously invested in studios like Rovio (Angry Birds) and Supercell (Clash of Clans). A representative of the company told GamesBeat that the investment was "about the game," and that "[Industrial Toys] have a vision and focus on quality. They made their first product on a scrappy budget, but it is going to be very polished."

Seropian also commented to GamesBeat, saying that it seems "obvious" that core gamers will migrate from consoles to mobile platforms.
[Image: Industrial Toys]

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