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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate contest asks fans to design weaponry

We've got the rest of 2014 to wait before Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate enlists Western audiences in its latest clash with oversized wildlife, but fans can begin crafting their dream-tier weaponry right now. Capcom Unity's Community Specialist Yuri Lindbergh has announced a competition where participants will submit design and name ideas for weaponry, the winners of which may be featured in MH4U. Capcom will select one victor from the Americas and one from the combined regions of Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Only one entry is allowed per person though, so make sure you submit the prime choice from your daydreamed arsenal to contest (at) capcom (dot) com. You'll need to title your email as "MH4U WEAPON DESIGN," and the design must be based off one of the 14 weapon classes present in MH4U. Submitting concept descriptions of up to 100 words is allowed, but not required. Participants also need to be 18 or older.

Capcom is accepting submissions until noon EST on May 5, so there's no need to rush through creating your masterpiece. Winners will be awarded with a to-be-determined digital prize, though its monetary value will be $0. You can check out the rest of the contest's terms & conditions here before you start flexing your creative muscle.
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