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Joystiq Streams: War of the Vikings with producer Gordon Van Dyke [UPDATE: Relive the stream!]

NOTE: Joystiq Streams is airing at 12PM EST on the Joystiq Twitch channel so as to coordinate with guests in different time zones.

Viking Facts:

1) Vikings did not wear sweet horned helmets into battle. Sorry to burst your Viking bubble.

2) Vikings did not play football in Minnesota. Seriously, how would seafaring warriors even get to Minnesota?

3) These truths do not diminish the solid gold righteousness of Vikings. Hence why we're playing War of the Vikings on Joystiq Streams. Gordon Van Dyke, War of the Vikings' producer from Paradox Interactive, will join Richard Mitchell and Anthony John Agnello for a tour of the sequel to War of the Roses. If you thirst for large multiplayer melees where Vikings and Saxons bludgeon each other with handheld weapons, prepare to get quenched.

All the action happens at 12PM EST on the Joystiq Twitch channel. Be there!

[Images: Paradox Interactive]

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