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Super Smash Bros. online play split between 'for fun' and 'for glory' modes


Nintendo announced today that its upcoming Wii U and 3DS brawler Super Smash Bros. will feature online play split between casual and hardcore fanbases, with specific measures taken to minimize cheating and abusive play.

When joining Super Smash Bros' online mode, players will be asked to join either the "For Fun" or "For Glory" gameplay modes. "For Fun" matches players with random stages and items, and only wins are counted on a player's record. "For Glory" appeals to series fanatics and tournament players, disabling items and restricting play to the "Final Destination" stage. Both wins and losses are counted in this mode.

Nintendo also announced that many themed stages will now feature "Final Destination"-style variants that eliminate platforms and other gameplay-altering gimmicks, allowing greater stage variety during tournament play.

Nintendo plans to heavily moderate Super Smash Bros. online play, and will issue bans to players who repeatedly cheat, abuse glitches, or harass other players. Nintendo Network IDs will be displayed during online play, and while players aren't ranked in a traditional sense, player skill will be taken into account when searching for matches online.

Super Smash Bros. will launch this summer for the Nintendo 3DS, and in the winter for the Wii U.

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