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Upcoming system update adds auto-reboot to Xbox One


Microsoft offered a few more details on upcoming updates for Xbox One in the form of three new features that testers can preview. First, firmware updates for the Xbox One controller and headset adapter will improve wireless connectivity and are expected to reduce static heard over the headset. Microsoft also plans to update the Blu-ray player app and add support for 50 Hz video output. Lastly, the console will quietly reboot following future updates, so owners won't need to manually turn their systems back on after they update, providing the system is in Instant On mode.

Microsoft discussed a suite of SmartGlass options for Xbox One last week, bringing snap functionality, mobile Xbox Live alerts and easier navigation to the companion app along with the ability to view Xbox content on any Microsoft device. The company also detailed improved voice commands and friend notifications in mid-March, announced plans for external storage support on the system last week and just announced an update to the Xbox One YouTube app yesterday to allow users to upload clips to the video platform.
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