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Video preview: Ubisoft's open-world racer The Crew


Even the long, flat, dull, utterly unentertaining drive from downtown San Francisco to Salt Lake City is bearable in Ubisoft's The Crew, a new open-world racing game that draws its roads and racing tracks from the entire United States. It's a compressed, embellished America, allowing you to drive from, say, New York to Miami, with three of your friends and a desire to collect and upgrade a sparkling set of vehicles.

With challenges and events littering its massive country, The Crew is less a white-knuckle test of driving skill, and more of a steady road trip meant to amass better cars, better parts and better loot. It's not quite Diablo with cars, though, and we see why in our new video preview above.

The Crew is set to arrive on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One this Fall. Check out the latest trailer right after the break.
[Image: Ubisoft]

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