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Apple reportedly testing new Maps feature to notify users of fixed problems


Apple has begun testing a new notification feature in its Maps app, according to a recent report from MacRumors. The report relays that some users who have reported erroneous mapping data to Apple are being presented with a notification option wherein they can elect to be notified when the issue has been resolved.

It appears that the feature is still in testing at this point and it is unclear when it might be made available to all users. The initial user who first spotted the feature says that the option has only appeared intermittently, and at least two MacRumors forum users were able to confirm that they had seen it as well.

When a mapping problem is fixed, users who have elected to be notified will receive a push notification.

For a company that likes to keep its software problems hush hush as it works to fix them behind the scenes, I think it's a good step for Apple to keep users peripherally involved in the process. As a quick example, I was using Apple Maps a few weeks ago to drive to the Omaha Zoo. As tends to happen, the directions were slightly off as I was directed to some back part of the zoo that was completely on the other side of the entrance. Google Maps, however, provided more accurate directions. That said, the option to have Apple notify me when the problem is resolved would make me more inclined to keep on using Apple Maps as I'd have assurance that they're working diligently on the problem.

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