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Aviary updates iOS app, gives developers new tools

Mel Martin

Aviary (free with in-app purchases) has always been an excellent iOS photo editor. On top of that, the company provides an SDK (software development kit) that allows other camera app creators to include the Aviary processing engine in their software. Both the app and SDK have received a major update today.

There are more than a few apps that leverage the Aviary tools, and they are also used online at places like Photobucket and Walgreens. The company estimates that 10 billion photos were edited with its tools in the last year. Among the apps using the Aviary tools are Pic Collage, Halftone, Pic Stitch, Muzy and Tango. Revenue for these apps is partly generated by offering prints of photos.

The update is of high interest to iPhone camera users, because the new tools will quickly appear in the apps listed above and more that are already in use. Some of the important improvements include 64-bit support for the newest iPhones, new photo editing tools like a text overlay feature with multiple fonts, sliders for brightness, contrast, saturation and warmth in the "Adjust" tool, support for 23 languages and more. The new app frameworks are faster, and allow a great deal of customization. These updates are already in the latest version of Aviary.

iPhone photography is really exploding, with many hundreds of high quality apps that help you capture and edit your photos. When I'm out on a landscape shoot, I'm amazed to see so many people have given up point and shoot cameras for iPhones, and they often get great results. Photo software is leaping forward daily, and the Aviary updates will usher in some very welcome improvements in iOS photography.

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