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Dropbox makes it easier to handle personal and business storage by linking accounts

Brad Molen

If you're the sort of person that likes to use Dropbox for Business and pleasure, your road has been a bit rough. Up until now, you had to keep them as two separate accounts and switching between the two involved signing out of one and signing into the other. If your dream is to eliminate this painful process and merge the two aspects together, then today is the happiest day of your life: Dropbox is now making it possible to have one option for business and another for personal use, and be able to link them together. This feature has been available to beta testers for quite some time now, but it's finally available to everyone else.

Additionally, Dropbox also announced that when collaborating with a colleague, you can both now look at the same shared document and make tweaks to that file in real-time. The company showed off a Powerpoint presentation shared by two people via Dropbox, in which both people were able to chat with each other and change things without having to re-download the file in the process. (Update: the collaboration project, also known as Project Harmony, is actually not coming out until later this year.)

This was just one of three announcements at this morning's event. Dropbox also introduced an Android and PC version of its Mailbox app, as well as a new app called Carousel which organizes all of your photos and videos -- old and new -- into a nice user interface which you can look through by date or event.

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