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Fulgore, Arcade Mode arrive in Killer Instinct's latest title update


Microsoft has deployed a 6.8 GB title update for its free-to-play Xbox One fighting game Killer Instinct, adding a number of significant features and a new character to its playable roster.

Classic Killer Instinct combatant Fulgore joins the fray in the game's latest update, finishing up developer Double Helix's first season of planned character rollouts. The patch also adds a single-player Arcade Mode, online lobbies with rooms that accommodate up to eight players, and a spectating feature.

This week's patch arrives as the final update curated by Killer Instinct's original developer, Double Helix. After being acquired by Amazon in February, Double Helix handed over Killer Instinct development duties to Divekick studio Iron Galaxy Games, who will manage content expansions from this point forward.

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