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Portable audio deals of the week: 4.9.14


Sometimes you just have to march to the beat of a different drum. Or from that of a drum in your streaming library of choice. Either way, we've got a handful of portable audio options that could make said strides a bit more enjoyable. If fact, three of the four will tune out your surroundings entirely -- what's not to like about that?

If there are other audio gadgets you're after that we haven't included here -- join us and add them to your "Want" list. Every time there's a price cut in the future, you'll get an email alert!

Beats Pro

Price: $250
Regular Price: $400
Buy: Newegg

If you've been eyeing Beats' high-end cans, now's your chance to nab up a pair with at $150 discount. These Dr. Dre-branded headphones are configured for use in studios and for live performances, and you can be sure to expect a truckload of bass for those listening sessions. The current price is equal to the 90-day low, according to our price history tool.

Sennheiser MM 70 iP/

Price: $70
Regular Price: $100
Buy: Amazon

Prefer not to unload your entire allowance on some new in-ears? No problemo. This Sennheiser offering is now available for $30 off its regular asking price. For the investment, you'll gain a set touting "full rich bass response," complete with in-line mic and controls. If you can hold off, it seems a few more dollars could be saved, but $70 is only a few bucks above the three-month low.

AKG Quincy Jones Signature Q 701

Price: $200
Regular Price: $479
Engadget Global Score: 89
Buy: Amazon

Artist endorsements are all over the place for audio gadgets, and this selection bears the name of the co-producer of Michael Jackson's Thriller. In addition to the Q 701 being the Quincy Jones signature model, there's a whopping $280 price drop to make the headphones a bit more accessible. You'll want to act quickly if you don't like lime green though, as both the black and white options are already at low quantities.

Jawbone Mini Jambox

Price: $129
Regular Price: $180
Engadget Score: 81
Buy: Amazon

A $50 discount is now being offered on the royal blue-hued Jawbone Mini Jambox. You may want to keep an eye on this one, as even greater savings have been seen over the course of the last month.

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