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The fox says whatever you want in Spry Fox's Road Not Taken contest


Road Not Taken, the deep strategy-puzzle game from Spry Fox, has a problem. The game has a bunch of foxes, but Spry Fox doesn't know what they say. This is a question that has haunted humanity for months – and now you have the opportunity to answer it.

The "What does the Spry Fox say?" contest is live now. It asks you to create a sound effect for the sassy foxes in Road Not Taken and upload it to YouTube by April 23 with the tag "#WhatDoesSpryFoxSay." You can tweet your video to @spryfox with the same hashtag. The more likes your entry gets, the better its chances of winning: Spry Fox will pick a victor from the most popular sounds, and that noise is going straight into the game.

Before you try to make the foxes drop f-bombs, note that Spry Fox won't accept offensive material. "Keep it classy," the team says. Read the full contest details here, and get inspired by the adorable dancing foxes from Road Not Taken after the break.
[Images: Spry Fox]

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