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Apple opts out of patent acquisitions and other news for April 11, 2014


Here's your Apple news for Friday, April 11. Enjoy the weekend, folks.

Apple opts out of a recent patent acquisition by Intellectual Ventures. Both Apple and Intel have opted not to participate in the latest buy. Formerly, Apple joined Intel, Microsoft and Sony to form Intellectual Ventures. Apple steps away now as intellectual property investments and so-called patent trolls are being looked upon poorly.

Apple has released an official statement regarding Heartbleed. The company told re/code that "Apple takes security very seriously. IOS and OS X never incorporated the vulnerable software and key Web-based services were not affected." So there you go.

Reader 2 for Mac public beta is now available. Those of you who have been waiting for this, now is your chance to get in on the beta. Just remember, it is a beta.

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