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DirecTV's Genie DVR extenders clip the cord with a wireless version


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DirecTV's Genie DVR setup will serve up to eight rooms in your house (four at once) but what if you're trying to get TV outside, or in a room that's not already wired? It's not the most common situation now, but if that's an issue, DirecTV is matching the wireless set-top boxes coming from Dish and AT&T with one of its own. The Wireless Genie Mini just needs power (and a wireless bridge connected to the main DVR) and it's ready to stream live or DVR'd TV. It's been available as a test in several markets for a few months now, but now anyone in the US can get one for $99, and if you already have the bridge, there's no need for an installer to come out. We liked the Genie system when we reviewed it and thought it was a good competitor to Dish's Hopper DVR system -- we'll see if this year's battle over wireless boxes helps guide any customers to one service or the other.

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